The Band

Jordan (lead guitar)      Joey F (bass)      Joey C (vocals)      Daniel (drums)

O.I.AM. [One In a Million] is a new youth rock band that is using the power of music to help make a difference in this world. It all started February  2012. Count Me In (an organization which promotes volunteerism amongst youth) was planning their biggest youth run conference to date. So Joey F and Jordan offered to write a theme song – O.I.AM was born and the song was named Count Me In. It was performed at the conference in front of 1500. After Count Me In was released onto iTunes, Kids Help Phone jumped on board and helped them get the song out there and the money raised with that song continues to go to that organization. OIAM raises money through downloads and donations and donates all the money they raised to the organization they worked with. As of today they have performed in front of thousands of people and they continue to do so.

They have just finished their new single We Can  for Free the Children and are releasing it on September 29th at We Can Change the World Day. All proceeds will be going to help build a village in Kenya that they are helping to adopt through Free the Children’s Adopt-A-Village program. They are currently working on promoting this song so that less privileged people will be able to live in more humanly conditions.

They have also written a song for Terry Fox and are playing it live at the Oakridges Terry Fox Run on September 15 at the Brickworks Park. Come join us for this great cause.

When you have good intentions, chances are pretty high that good things will happen. OIAM

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